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The Bialetti Mocha Pot – An excellent coffee maker, and a feast for the eyes.

Bialetti Mocha Pot

Not only is a mocha pot one of the simplest and best ways to make a great cup of coffee, but this Bialetti model is also a thing of rare beauty.

Most coffee makers look plain ugly. But this stainless steel beauty will look good anywhere...in your kitchen or on the dinner table after a meal with friends.

A mocha pot makes a coffee that is unmistakably rich, with a taste somewhere between regular drip brew coffee and espresso.

To use a mocha pot, you simply add the water to the bottom section, pour ground coffee into the metal filter, put everything back together together and then heat it up on the stove.

In addition to its beautiful design and the quality of the coffee it brews, this mocha pot has a couple of other advantages that might appeal:
- No plastic parts.

- No moving parts or electronics (i.e. nothing to go wrong.)
Basically, the Bialetti Mocha Pot delivers on the promise of all good design – beauty and functionality combined.

The Deal: Get yourself a Bialetti Mocha Pot for just $49.95.

The Keurig B30 Mini Brewer – A huge hit among holiday shoppers.

Keurig B30 Mini Brewer

It seems that people just love the idea of a really small, compact K-Cup brewer.

Sales of the Keurig B30 Mini are brisk right now, to say the least.

The Keurig B30 is being pitched as the prefect brewer for people who are on the move, and for where space is at a premium...like in RVs, boats, cottages and dorm rooms.

This seems like an odd time of year for people to be buying a brewer for their RV or boat. So maybe the small size and small price are attracting buyers who just want a smaller brewer for their kitchens. (The B30 is the least expensive of all the Keurig brewers.)

Using the same K-Cups as the other Keurig brewers, the B30 makes just one cup at a time. So you get all the same, no mess and no fuss convenience.

Keep in mind that the Keurig B30 Mini really is for people who want to make one cup at a time. There is no multi-cup reservoir like you have with the older, larger models. With the B30 you add a cup of water whenever you want to make an 8 ounce cup of coffee.

The Deal: Get the new Keurig B30 for just $79.95.

Café Britt Cappuccino cups and saucers. A great gift for the coffee lover in your life.

Maybe the coffee lover in your life already has an espresso machine. Or maybe he or she is getting one under the tree this year.

Either way, these cappuccino cups and saucers are the perfect accessory.

Better still, a set of six cups encourages sharing, so you can make your espresso machine the center point of getting family and friends together in your home.

These Café Britt cups and saucers are dishwasher safe and each hold a 6 ounce serving.

Sure, you can use your regular coffee cups for making cappuccino. But using this set of cups makes the whole thing a little more special.

The Deal: Get this set of 6 Café Britt Cappuccino cups and saucers for just $30.

SAVE $10 on your first purchase of naturally-flavored coffee from Flavorbean.

All natural flavored coffees from Flavorbean

This is a bad news and then good news story.

The bad news is that most coffee companies use some scary chemicals when they flavor their coffees.

Specifically, many use a chemical solvent called propylene glycol. If you think that chemical sounds familiar, you probably recognize it as an ingredient of antifreeze.

That's a scary thing to have anywhere near your coffee beans.

Roasters assure us then when using this chemical as a solvent to help the flavor penetrate into their coffee beans, all trace of the propylene glycol disappears before the beans are packed and shipped.

But for those of us who would rather that our coffee never went near that stuff in the first place, we can choose a totally natural alternative from Flavorbean.

Flavorbean uses a different way to flavor their beans, 100% natural with no scary solvents.

Better still, if you buy from them for the first time through the link below, you'll find a code that will save you $10 off your first purchase.

As we enter the holiday season, many of us stock up on our favorite flavored coffee beans.

And this year, for the first time, we have an all-natural, chemical-free alternative.

The Deal: Save $10 on your first purchase of all-natural, flavored coffee from Flavorbean.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Single Serve Coffee Machine – never mind the coffee, check out the design.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Single Serve Coffee Machine

Sometimes it's hard to believe that the world needs one more type of single-serve coffee maker.

We have K-cup coffee makers, coffee pod coffee makers, T-Disc coffee makers, to name just three – and now we have the Nescafe Dolce Gusto single serve coffee maker.

The Dolce Gusto uses proprietary coffee capsules. Like K-Cups and T-Discs, these are sealed and contain just the right amount of coffee for a single serving. And you have to use the capsules. You can't use loose coffee or any other kind of coffee container (like the My K-Cup device for the Keurig machines.)

So why might you want the Dolce Gusto?

My first answer would have to be because it looks so amazing. It's a beautiful piece of design and really does look very different from other coffee makers.

In addition, it's a good machine... it has solid construction and a 15-bar water pump, which means you get the same quality of espresso you would expect from a coffee shop.

The Dolce Gusto makes single serve coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, shots of espresso, chococinos (hot chocolate) and even iced cappuccinos.

And there is a bundle of goodies included in the price, including a Latte Macchiato glass, a Cappuccino cup & saucer and a variety pack of capsules to get you started.

The Deal: Get your Dolce Gusto Single Serve Coffee Machine at Amazon for $169.99

Bodum Chambord 8-Cup French Press & 2 Pavina Thermal Glasses.

Bodum Chambord 8-Cup French Press & 2 Pavina Thermal Glasses

This is a very classy combination.

The French press is one of the simplest and most elegant ways to make a perfect cup of coffee.

And the two individually-blown Pavina glasses complement the Bodum press perfectly. Each 12-ounce glass is double walled, so the coffee stays hot longer, while the outer wall stays cool and comfortable to hold.

While there is something very classy about this coffee set, it should also appeal to the more frugal coffee lovers among us.

At a time when we may be watching our pennies, the French press provides us with the means to make excellent coffee at a very reasonable price.

That's the beauty of making gourmet coffee. Good coffee beans and a French press will make you as good a cup of coffee as a high-tech coffee brewer that sells for a hundred dollars or more.

High-end brewers offer more convenience and a few attractive bells and whistles. But they don't make a better cup of coffee.

If you like that classy, all-glass look, get yourself this French press + thermal glasses combo.

The Deal: Buy the Bodum Chambord 8-Cup French Press & 2 Pavina Thermal Glasses at Amazon for $39.95.

Spoil someone this season with the Saeco A-SPV-BK Spidem Villa Super-Automatic Espresso Machine.

Saeco A-SPV-BK Spidem Villa Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

Yes, you can even spoil yourself.

This fully automatic espresso machine from Saeco does absolutely everything for you. It's a little like having a Starbucks in your own kitchen.

And while this is not an inexpensive machine, it's certainly a lot less expensive that going to Starbucks every day for the next few months.

(This is good to know when persuading either yourself or your significant other that it makes sense to spend $499 on an espresso machine.)

It really does do everything automatically. You just add whole beans to the hopper, water to the reservoir, choose your setting and press a button.

The Saeco Villa then grinds the beans, warms them with a burst of warm air, tamps them with the correct pressure and then pumps the water through the tamped coffee grinds.

The grinder is a conical burr grinder, which is the best you can get. It is fully adjustable, allowing you to set the exact grind you want.

You can make one espresso at a time or two. Take your espresso as a shot, or use the frothing wand to make yourself a cappuccino or latte.

You can even use the Saeco Villa to make yourself a regular cup of coffee.

It's a beautiful looking machine and Saeco has a well deserved reputation for making reliable espresso equipment.

The best price we can find is at Amazon.

The Deal: Get your Saeco A-SPV-BK Spidem Villa Super-Automatic Espresso Machine for $499.00 at Amazon.

Starbucks Caffè Verona coffee blend – the best coffee you can buy?

Caffè Verona by Starbucks Coffee

Probably not.

There are some amazing coffees available, including single origin and estate coffee beans from Jamaica, Hawaii, Ethiopia and a host of other places.

But Caffè Verona is THE Starbucks top seller. And that's not just the marketing speaking. Customer reviews are glowing, with a 98% approval rate.

In addition, it is a favorite among Starbucks' own baristas.

Each week every Starbucks barista gets to take home one pound of free coffee, and Caffè Verona is the top choice.

This is a blend of beans from Latin America and Indonesia. As with most Starbucks coffee, the roast is medium dark, just the way they like it in Europe.

Hence the touch of Italy with the name Caffè Verona.

If you haven't tried it yet, the best price we have found is at Amazon.

The Deal: Get two pounds of Starbucks Caffè Verona for just $14.23.

Get the Breville Keurig Single Cup Brewer for its convenience and great looks.

 Breville BKC600XL Gourmet Single Cup K-Cup Brewer

Here it is, in all its stainless steel glory - the Breville Keurig Single Cup Brewer.

And yes, it is a K-Cup brewer, compatible not only with every K-Cup out there, but also with the nifty, money-saving "My K-Cup" coffee filter unit.

This is a very smart, high-end machine. It does everything you get from the Keurig B70.

But its many features and beautiful appearance come at a price. And a price that is higher than you'll pay for any of the other Keurig brewers.

So why would you buy the Breville? Because of its looks. And it does have a few features you went get with the other K-Cup brewers, like a built-in charcoal water filter.

If you have that stainless steel look in your kitchen, and you're ready to treat yourself, this brewer will fit right it.

The Deal: Buy the Breville Keurig Single Cup Brewer from Green Mountain Coffee for $299 now, and get free shipping.

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SAVE $70 on the Cuisinart DCC-1200 12-Cup Brew Central Coffee maker.

Cuisinart DCC-1200 12-Cup Brew Central Coffeemaker

This is one of the most popular drip brewers there is. People love it.

Why? For the simplest and best reason there is – it makes great coffee, has the features you want and doesn't break down.

If you read online reviews about the Cuisinart DCC-1200 you'll find that it was the brewer people finally settled with after trying a few others.

The look is a little unusually. It's like Cuisinart didn't quite hit the "retro" look they wanted, but scored a bull's eye for "boxy and different".

Regardless, it's an excellent coffee maker. It offers a number of neat features like a built-in water filter, gold-tone permanent filter and a fully programmable brew timer.

And you can get a great deal on the Cuisinart DCC-1200 at Amazon.com right now.

The Deal: Get the Cuisinart DCC-1200 coffee maker for just $79.95. (Regular price: $150.)

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